“I loved my time volunteering at Hope Schools because I was able to use my gifts to help the school and got spend time with these children who have so much joy and love and it completely changed my life and perspective. My heart will forever be with this place and I will be forever changed by it.
– Tiffany, USA (July – Aug 2019)

“Hope’s children and staff taught me what it truly means to love unconditionally. And being able to play such a minor role in spreading Jesus’ love into these children’s lives is such a gift. I know the deep relationships I’ve made at Hope will be for eternity.”
– Ryan, USA (March – April 2018, May – July 2019)

“My name is Nele and I volunteered for 8 months at Hope. One reason that I loved volunteering was the joy and happiness the kids brought me. Besides that, you get to know different cultures, you see the kids evolve and you grow in your own faith.”
– Nele, Germany (Sept 2018 – April 2019)

“What I enjoyed most about volunteering about Hope Schools was the feeling of really being used. I was able to get groundwork done as well as build up relationships with 1 on 1 work in different grades. It was especially great doing outdoor education with the college to bring my architecture skills and see the process & improvement throughout my time serving.”
– Lukas, Germany (July 2019 – Sept 2019)

What To Expect

When you come & volunteer at Hope, you will be surrounded by the love of many children who come from poverty-stricken homes & who have been affected by HIV / AIDS.

You will be able to help them in areas they may be struggling with in school – maths, reading, writing – and help them become more confident in themselves at school.

You will get to know the students and be able to encourage them each day in their schoolwork, their interests and their lives, investing in much more than just today.

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